Peach Harvest

(Y=Yellow, W=White; CS=Cling Stone, SFS=Semi-Freestone, FS=Free Stone)
  • Flamin’ Fury PF1 (Y CS)

      The PF1 is the first peach variety we pick in our season, usually arriving in our store in Early July, and is a good early eating peach and suitable for sweet baking applications.

  • Flamin’ Fury PF5 (Y CS)

     The PF5 is picked shortly after the PF1, in Mid July, and offers a larger, sweeter flesh that remains firm throughout its lifespan.

  • Garnet Beauty (Y CS)

   Garnet Beauties are picked in Mid July and grace our shelves with large, juicy fruit that are great to both eat and bake with.

  • Redhaven (Y SFS)

 The Redhaven peach, one of the most popular varieties across the country, is beloved for its luscious, sweet, creamy yellow flesh perfect for eating, freezing, and canning. The large fruit have a near fuzzless skin, and are usually picked in Late July.

  • Raritan Rose (W SFS)

The Raritan Rose variety is the first white fleshed peach of the season, typically picked in Early August. The large, attractive fruit have a mild, firm flesh that are enjoyed fresh and in savory cooking applications.

  • Flamin’ Fury PF12 (Y SFS)

  This mid-season Flamin’ Fury, picked in Early August, is similar to the Redhaven variety, and has a large, sweet flesh, preferred for eating and baking.

  • Starfire (Y FS)

      Ripening simultaneously with Redhavens in Early August, the Starfire, is a radiant red-skinned, yellow-fleshed peach that is sweet and juicy when ripe. It makes for a perfect addition to a bright summer salad.

  • White Lady (W FS)

Consider an institution in the peach universe, the White Lady is one of our most popular varieties, and is typically picked Mid August. Its’ white, creamy flesh is most enjoyed for its low acid, high sugar profile and lends it self as a summertime snack as well as in savory cooking.

  • Canadian Harmony (Y FS)

The large fruit, and keeping ability make the Canadian Harmony a great all purpose peach. They typically are picked Mid August, and lend themselves to usage in fresh cut preparations due to their slow browning characteristic.

  • Flamin’ Fury PF17 (Y FS)

The Flamin’ Fury PF17 arrives in Mid August and its large to extra large, juicy fleshed fruit make them ideal for baking, canning, and freezing.

  • Flamin’ Fury PF24 (Y FS)

Listed in the “Guinness Book of World Records” the Flamin’ Fury PF24 is known for giant fruit, often reaching a 3″ diameter. They are one of our later varieties, and are picked in Late August.

  • Champion (W FS)

The last peach of our season, the Champion is a large, sweet, soft fleshed freestone variety, picked from Late August to Early September.

Nectarine Harvest

  • Red Gold (Y FS)

While all of our nectarines are typically harvested from Early to Mid August, the Red Gold is typically the variety to first hit the shelves. Producing medium to large fruit covered in a beautiful blush red skin, this variety tends to have juicy, firm fleshed characteristics.

  • Sun Glo (Y FS)

The Sun Glo variety is typically harvested in Mid August, and offers a large, sweet fruit with great shelf life and keeping capacity.

  • Arctic Rose (W FS)

Harvested in about the same period as the Sun Glo variety, in Mid August, the Arctic Rose white nectarine offers sweet & creamy fleshed, large fruit perfect for eating on a hot summer day.

Plum Harvest

  • Redheart

Arguably our best plum, the Redheart is our first harvested variety, arriving in Late July to Early August. The small, delightfully sweet, juicy fleshed fruit are a perfect snack and great in jam, sauces, and chutneys.

  • Shiro

Harvested in Late July, these small, yellow plums offer juicy, sweet flesh with tart skin that are delicious for eating and in fresh cooking preparations.

  • Ozark

The Ozark plum is a mid-season variety, harvested in Mid August, and produces large, semi-freestone fruit that are juicy, sweet, and perfect for canning & cooking.

  • Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa plums are an old-time favorite, harvested in Mid August, preferred for sauces, canning and baking, as well as eating.

  • Elephant Heart

Truly an accurately named plum, the freestone Elephant Heart variety is noted for its baseball sized fruit, juicy, red flesh, and distinctly mild flavor. This combination of characteristics make them great canning and eating plums, harvested in Late August.

  • Italian Prune

Typically the last plum we harvest in Late August, the Italian Prune Plum is a traditional, old-world variety. Bearing fruit that are dense with mild flesh, these plums are best utilized in canning, jam, and savory cooking.

All Stone Fruit varieties are weather dependent, and therefore harvesting times may vary year to year. If you are looking for a specific variety, please call our store within the season to get a more exact ripening time.